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Our Story

Welcome to my pride and joy, Most Radiant Beads! Having a passion for creating and standing out from the crowd, it's safe to describe me as innovative and peculiar. I have always been a “maker,” but when I began creating my own jewelry a few years ago, I never imagined I’d one day own a business where I share my creations with the world.

Jewelry making is a process and that’s truly what I love about it. I am passionate about bringing joy and sentiment to my customers through my art. Jewelry symbolizes who we are and what we feel. My mission is to strengthen the power of the wearer. Therefore, all of our pieces are handcrafted with care, love, and detail. 


I founded this company during the pandemic as something to do, and I must say it has been such a blessing to me. I hope you are blessed by it as well!

XOXO, Shanijah